Big Payette Lake Water Quality Council

Science, Stewardship and Advocacy for a Sustainable Lake

What is the Big Payette Lake Water Quality Council?

The Big Payette Lake Water Quality Council is an incorporated non-profit organization. The Council is solutions-based and focused on advocating for sensible environmental standards backed by science and monitoring, community engagement, and a collaborative process of working together to protect Payette Lake.


The Council is supporting graduate research studies on near-shore water quality, shoreline erosion, and wave and wake effects in Payette Lake conducted by the University of Idaho and Western Colorado University.


Covering five areas, Lake*A*Syst conveys stewardship of Big Payette Lake to homeowners, landscapers, contractors, road builders and others who might have a hand in affecting the quality of our lake. It can be a blueprint for handing a healthy lake to generations who come after us.


The Council is working with partner organizations, local jurisdictions, concerned residents and agencies to come to practical solutions for protecting the watershed of Payette Lake from a selloff of State endowment lands and subsequent large-scale private development.